If you think you may be pregnant, you're not alone.

Not sure what to do? We’re here for you.

We know you have a lot on your mind and it’s important to take care of yourself. We understand that whatever choice you make about your pregnancy it’s a difficult and personal decision.

When you come to The Pregnancy Centre, a support worker will meet with you in a comfortable living room where you will be able to talk through your situation in private. We’re here to listen and support you.

All of our services are free and confidential.

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Mom to Mom

Our Spring 2017 Mom to Mom mentorship program ended recently and what an amazing journey it was! We had the joy of loving and serving twelve moms and eight babies over the course of ten weeks.  Each week we engaged a new topic, and clients wrote a specific goal to work on with the support of their mentor mom.  This team of eight mentor moms encountered many joys as well as challenges ‘doing life’ with their clients.  During the ten weeks, two clients gave birth and two clients had their babies apprehended.  These moms continued to come out and received unconditional love and support from the group and from their mentor.  We took a class ‘field trip’ to the Children’s Needs Distribution Centre and moms filled garbage bags with clothing, books and toys for their kids.  We also cooked and ate a delicious meal together.   Our final class was filled with many tears as mentor moms each presented their client with a handmade blanket (donated to the centre) and the most beautiful affirming message of hope and love. Thank you for your support.  It is a joy to serve the moms in our community and watch them grow as parents and as individuals.... read more

Centre Wellington Fundraiser

You’re invited to join us on April 21st for our Centre Wellington ‘In Bloom’ Dinner Fundraiser. CLICK HERE for all the details and to purchase/reserve your ticket to this exciting event!... read more

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Going through the abortion recovery program was the best thing I have ever done. I am a totally different person, forgiven and free. I am so grateful for The Pregnancy Centre and specifically their Abortion Recovery program.


I received a few gifts from the Pregnancy Centre which have been extremely helpful! More valuable than any amount of items though, has been the emotional support I have been continually receiving from the wonderful people at the Pregnancy Centre.