If you think you may be pregnant, you're not alone.

Not sure what to do? We’re here for you.

We know you have a lot on your mind and it’s important to take care of yourself. We understand that whatever choice you make about your pregnancy it’s a difficult and personal decision.

When you come to The Pregnancy Centre, a support worker will meet with you in a comfortable living room where you will be able to talk through your situation in private. We’re here to listen and support you.

All of our services are free and confidential.

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These are a Few of My Favourite Things

We all have favourite things. We love to do our favourite things and hang out with our favourite people.  For me, these sorts of things include a warm sweater on an autumn day, pulling on cozy socks upon returning home after work, a hot cup of coffee in the early morning hours, and my family. My job at The Pregnancy Centre includes this great privilege of getting to know the clients of our centre.  This knowing of our clients has become another one of my favourite things.  In this knowing there is both joy and great sorrow.  Some of the things I know so well seem to be absent from many of their lives.  The knowing that regardless of my mistakes, I am still loved.  The knowing of peace and joy in my home.  The knowing of a supportive husband a regular pay cheque, more sweaters than I likely need, and yes – the luxury of a hot cup of coffee whenever I like, is not always true for them. Our heart for the women in our weekly ‘Mom to Mom’ program has been that of knowing, supporting and loving them.  We have 15 single moms who come to our Wednesday morning class and an incredible group of mentors who join in to offer support to each client who attends.  This Fall we ventured out into the community for a morning the Voila Institute in downtown Kitchener.  Our clients were gifted the most wonderful morning of pampering.   They were so incredibly touched by this opportunity that this event has now become one of their favourite things! Each week isn’t... read more

A Letter to the Editor

A brave former pregnancy centre client responding to a letter to the editor…   Dear Editor: I must respond to Jim Zimmerman’s letter (Let them be honest, Sept. 8) disapproving the Centre Wellington Pregnancy Centre. I had an unplanned pregnancy four years ago at age 19 and have been a Crisis Pregnancy Centre (CPC) client since. The outcomes of my first-hand experience discredit Zimmerman’s projected accusations. CPCs are not “anti-choice agencies.” Entering my first counselling session I favored adoption. Despite this, all three options were discussed with an identical level of deliberation and unbiased guidance. I was consistently reminded that I could change my mind and never felt pressured to choose life. They are not “anti-abortion counselling centres” – 99.9% of the time a CPC’s website has post-abortion grief support on the main page as one of their top three services. Although he stated that post-abortion syndrome is not a medically recognized condition, this does not render it non-existent. It is an honest grief, like post-adoption grief (which I experienced). One cannot dispute others’ feelings unless they have experienced it themselves. Lastly, online information and family doctors do not render CPCs unneeded. Relying on the internet would be the least dependable way to wholly aid a vulnerable woman. Doctors are not always sufficient either. I found out I was pregnant at the doctor’s and was given one pamphlet for an abortion centre and was not offered a follow up appointment or referral to a university counsellor. Not all women are aware of a CPC like I was, which stopped me from rushing the biggest decision of my life. CPCs... read more

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Going through the abortion recovery program was the best thing I have ever done. I am a totally different person, forgiven and free. I am so grateful for The Pregnancy Centre and specifically their Abortion Recovery program.


I received a few gifts from the Pregnancy Centre which have been extremely helpful! More valuable than any amount of items though, has been the emotional support I have been continually receiving from the wonderful people at the Pregnancy Centre.