Interested in Community Education during Covid-19?

We are committed to supporting teachers and students through this time.


Katrina, our Community Education Director has put together a condensed video highlighting key material from her classroom presentations to enhance your distance learning curriculum. Fill out the request form below if you are interested in sharing it with your students.

If you would like more information and access to this video, please contact Katrina today.


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Since 2001 The Pregnancy Centre has been partnering with community groups and local Public and Catholic schools. We offer 5 unique presentations targeted to students in grades 7 through 12. The goal of these presentations is to educate and challenge students on matters of sexual health, sexual decision-making and healthy relationships. Each presentation meets the requirements of the Ontario sex ed curriculum and is presented in an unbiased and engaging manner.

The presentations are delivered by Katrina Davidson, the centre’s Community Education Director. Topics addressed include: decision-making, sexually transmitted infections, methods of contraception, online safety, consent, healthy relationships, pregnancy, and awareness of community support services. If you would like more information about our presentations, to meet Katrina or to book a presentation for your class or community group, please contact Katrina today.



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    GRADE 7

    write your story

    Introduces students to the importance of decision making. It encourages them to take time to think in a fun and interactive way, about their choices when it comes to refusal skills, online permanency, relationships and sexual activity.*

    GRADE 8

    send me a dm

    Focuses on relationships and communication. It also addresses the risks of sexual activity and provides students the opportunity to think about different reasons for delaying sexual activity.*

    GRADE 9

    it’s complicated: relationship sparks & statuses

    Addresses consent and power dynamics in relationships. It explores the role of technology in dating and the risks of sexual activity including STIs and pregnancy.

    GRADE 10 & 11

    let’s talk relationships

    Allows students to engage in activities that give a more in-depth look at healthy and unhealthy relationships. It continues to build on the previous presentations in addressing the risks of sexual activity.

    GRADE 12

    forward thinking

    Addresses messages from the media about relationships and sexual decisions. Through group activities, students are encouraged to take control of their own relationship and sexual decisions.

    TeacherHIGH SCHOOL

    I like that a wide variety of topics are covered. I like that there are opportunities for students to ask questions. The topics are relatable to teenagers. There are stories thrown in that provide context for the students.

    StudentHIGH SCHOOL

    Thanks for being so open about something people can be so afraid to talk about.

    TeacherHIGH SCHOOL

    The individual class presentations are excellent! They are appropriate and interactive. The presentation gives the students information to enable them to make their own knowledgeable choices. Students feel comfortable discussing these issues without embarrassment.

    StudentHIGH SCHOOL

    Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation!

    TeacherHIGH SCHOOL

    Awesome work today – some really great information! I loved your conversational presentation style and your honesty in presenting this important information. I know the students learned today and were forced to reflect on key decisions that they will have to make in the near future. And that makes today a good day in education!

    StudentHIGH SCHOOL

    Thank you for listening and teaching us.


    brewed awakening coffee house

    Choices, culture, social media, consent, sexual activity, relationships.

    So much to think about.

    So much to talk about.

    Brewed Awakening Coffee House is for parents, grandparents and caregivers of pre-teens and teens. It’s an in-depth, informative, and interactive discussion about the culture our youth are living in and how to support, train and love them through it. Katrina has a passion for education! She has a thorough knowledge of sexual health, relationships and culture and speaks to over 4,000 of our students each year in local schools. She is a strong and engaging communicator, as well as approachable. Contact us for more info and/or if your church, school or organization would like to host a Brewed Awakening Coffee House.

    Be a part of the conversation your kids are already having!