A Letter to the Editor

A Letter to the Editor

A brave former pregnancy centre client responding to a letter to the editor…


Dear Editor:

I must respond to Jim Zimmerman’s letter (Let them be honest, Sept. 8) disapproving the Centre Wellington Pregnancy Centre.

I had an unplanned pregnancy four years ago at age 19 and have been a Crisis Pregnancy Centre (CPC) client since. The outcomes of my first-hand experience discredit Zimmerman’s projected accusations.

CPCs are not “anti-choice agencies.” Entering my first counselling session I favored adoption. Despite this, all three options were discussed with an identical level of deliberation and unbiased guidance. I was consistently reminded that I could change my mind and never felt pressured to choose life. They are not “anti-abortion counselling centres” – 99.9% of the time a CPC’s website has post-abortion grief support on the main page as one of their top three services.

Although he stated that post-abortion syndrome is not a medically recognized condition, this does not render it non-existent. It is an honest grief, like post-adoption grief (which I experienced).

One cannot dispute others’ feelings unless they have experienced it themselves.

Lastly, online information and family doctors do not render CPCs unneeded. Relying on the internet would be the least dependable way to wholly aid a vulnerable woman.

Doctors are not always sufficient either. I found out I was pregnant at the doctor’s and was given one pamphlet for an abortion centre and was not offered a follow up appointment or referral to a university counsellor.

Not all women are aware of a CPC like I was, which stopped me from rushing the biggest decision of my life. CPCs do not push an anti-abortion agenda; they push an agenda of supporting scared young women.

A CPC in Fergus will not harm the community, but will simply protect the mental health of the women, boyfriends, and families in its community so they can live a stable-minded life knowing they are forgiven, loved and guilt-free because they had impartial counselling leading them to a path that was right for them.

Hannah Steele, WATERLOO

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