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At The Pregnancy Centre we have caring staff ready to listen and provide the support you may need. We are not a medical clinic, however, we have learned much about the issues you are facing and we are here to help. Find out a bit more about each of our staff members below and then Contact Us if you’d like to meet or talk.

Maureen Dinner

Maureen Dinner

Executive Director

“I truly believe in what we do at The Pregnancy Centre. Young people, and anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy for that matter, need to have someone they can talk to and confide in — someone who will really listen. We have a great team of people who care and are committed to listening to and helping our clients as they sort through their feelings and circumstances and make their decision – someone who will be on their side and connect them to the support and resources they need.


I have always had a heart for women facing an unexpected pregnancy. My mother was a single mom when I was born; I understand the life-changing decisions and difficult struggles she and others like her face; I know how critically important it is to have someone to talk with.”

Maureen joined The Pregnancy Centre in 2008 and has a Masters of Arts in Leadership. Feel free to Contact Maureen any time.

Katrina Davidson

Katrina Davidson

Community Education Director

“I believe in the power of education in improving health outcomes on a global and local scale. I know that students have the ability to improve our culture’s sexual health trends. I understand the weight of sexual and relationship decisions facing students today and enjoy challenging them to think about their choices. I have seen how sexual and relationship decisions can affect the physical and emotional health of youth and am thankful for the opportunity to work with students – to challenge them and to be challenged by them.”

Katrina recently joined The Pregnancy Centre as the Community Education Director. She has a thorough knowledge of sexual and reproductive health and has experience teaching Physical Education.

Katrina is a strong and engaging communicator. She is approachable and enjoys speaking to students in both large and small group settings. Contact Katrina if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule a meeting with her.

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Our Volunteers

Working alongside our full-time staff is a valuable group of trained and committed volunteers. They serve in the following capacities: support workers, mentor moms, group facilitators, child care workers, Care Closet coordinator and administrative support workers. Each person volunteers their time because they believe strongly in the positive work being done at The Pregnancy Centre.

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